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MOINOPOLIS is an international laboratory of thoughts on spatial matters.

In the network society, driven by ubiquitousness and omnipresence in which information and images are overflowing our everyday life MOINOPOLIS focuses on relevant themes.
Digital media has bred a rapidness of distribution and consumption of information, images and opinions paying the same attention to cursory and thoughtful input.
While the Library of Congress is archiving each and every single tweet without making a difference of its significance we are interested in profound positions rather than in superficial comments. MOINOPOLIS is striving to understand, discuss and communicate fundamental spatial matters.

It explores contemporary issues related to society, culture, new technologies, urbanism and architecture and initiates new impulses for discussion by bringing together a diversity of creatives and researchers throughout various disciplines.

Etymologically MOINOPOLIS is deriving from the Indo-European expression for exchange "moino" and the Ancient Greek word for city "polis". To this effect, the laboratory investigates multiple developments of space, predominantly in the urban context and communicates substantive positions, ideas, theories or equivalents through events, workshops and publications.